Wet Belt Conveyors

A wet belt conveyor system is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to installing an ice plant on your jobsite.

Wet belt conveyors are a cost effective and proven alternative to having an expensive ice plant on the job site. Our flooded wet belts use a fraction of the retention time that others require, and because of this and a better enclosed product, we need less chilling capacity to go with our wet belts. The bottom line is that our wet belts cost less than others and also cost far less than ice plants. Our perforated belts may also eliminate the need for a rinse screen, covered by U.S. Patent No 8,584,864.

Other advantages over an ice plant:

  • A fraction of the manning
  • A fraction of the down time
  • Much less set up cost
  • Less maintenance and electrical operation costs

After chilling your mix water, wet belt conveyors are almost always the next system to look at.  

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